Armando Heredia

Armando Heredia was born in Monahans, Texas in 1972. He spent much of his early childhood living abroad due to his father’s employment on offshore oil rigs. His mother was murdered in 1975 in Tehran, Iran by his father, who was imprisoned there by the Iranian government. Armando and his orphaned siblings returned to America where they lived with family. Armando later became a ward of the sate and was in foster care for a short time before being taken in by his grandparents.

Armando graduated high school in 1990 and began working in the creative field after a short foray into art school in Phoenix, AZ . He is the married father of three boys.

He is a full time student at SWIC in Granite City, IL pursuing a B.A. in Secondary Education. He is also an accomplished artist, web designer, writer and videographer. He is passionate about reading and has traveled extensively as a public speaker.

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