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For artists who specialize in paintings, glass, sculpture, photography, and other forms of art, there are certain genres that have captured the imagination of the public. For the aspiring artist looking to make a name for themselves in the field of artistic expression, it does pay to at least know what the popular genres are so that you can be prepared to move in that direction if you so desire.

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Successful artists in all different fields manage to combine their talent with art that relates to the public. This is true in other fields of expression such as television shows and movies that are highly successful with the public center on themes that relate to the everyday person. So too do certain artists tend to be more successful when their works revolve around themes that relate to the general public.

Here are five of the most popular genres of art today. They mostly fall within the realm of painting and photography, but even sculptures and those who work with glass can incorporate some of the genres into their work although their field is admittedly different.

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Traditional Landscapes: There is something universally appealing about traditional landscapes that tickle the imagination of the public. For centuries, landscapes have been arguably the most popular genre of art that has lasted through the ages. Interestingly enough, landscapes hold their popularity even if they are of places that few, if any of those who appreciate the art have seen.

Modern Landscapes: Sometimes called “cityscapes”, this is art that is focused on the more modern, urban setting of today’s culture. Cityscapes have been quite popular in recent years and a focus of collectors as well. Plus, this particular genre includes semi-abstract landscapes which basically mean that the artist’s imagination is at work while still using the basic landscape arena.

Local Views: Here, artists can tap into the local market by presenting views or slices of life that are found within their community. This has a heightened appeal to those living in the same location as the settings for the art and often help jump-start the career of the artist. Local views can be anything from the surround landscape, familiar buildings or structures, local settings or people, even portraits fall into this category.

Abstracts: Another timeless form of art is the abstract, something pulled from the imagination of the artist that reaches out to the public in a very measurable way. Abstracts are quite common for sculptors and other artists who make three dimensional imagery but they are also a standard for painters as well.

Dogs: Man’s best friend is also one of the most popular genres of art all across the board. The noble canine in all shapes and sizes is a very popular subject and for artists helps them to reach out to the general public in a manner that demonstrates their abilities while providing mass appeal.

There are certainly many other genres in the artistic field, but few have proven to be more popular than the five that are mentioned here.