Art Museums and Galleries in St. Louis

St. Louis art museums and galleriesSt. Louis is famous for its art scene, with its own art style dating back to the 1930s and 1940s, when local artists favored smooth contours, simplified styles and bold colors. The unique style stands out, even now, where local art museums display the best of their own art heritage as well as historical art pieces from around the nation and the world. If you’re considering going to art museums in St. Louis, the following include a few of your options. 

Art Museums in St. Louis

St. Louis Art Museums Phone Number  Location
Contemporary Art Museum  314-727-8870  Grand Center
Kemper Art Museum  314-935-4523  Washington University
Pulitzer Art Museum  314-754-1850  Midtown
St. Louis Art Museum    Forest Park
St. Louis University Museum of Art     SLU Campus

St. Louis Art Museum: The St. Louis Art Museum is the largest and one of the oldest art museums in the city, and was established in 1904, surviving the heyday of the art scene in the 30s and 40s. Today, the museum is one of the principal art museums in the country, with a collection comprised of over 30,000 artworks from around the globe. These include art displays from eight different cultures as well as modern, contemporary, and decorative art, plus photos and prints. Admission is free and art includes pieces from artists including Matisse, Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh.

Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis: The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis is one of the largest voices for contemporary art in the world, making it a must-visit for fans of the art style in the area. The art museum opened in 1980 and currently displays art from over 260 modern artists at any given time. Their non-collecting module means that they trade art with other contemporary art museums to offer a constantly changing display, making it interesting to visit again and again.

Art Galleries and Studios in St. Louis 

St Louis City Art Galleries  Phone  Location
 ARTDimensions (314) 276-2700  Cherokee
 Art Saint Louis (314) 241-4810 Washington Ave
 Atrium Gallery  (314) 367-1076 Midtown/Grand Ctr
 Black World History Wax Museum  (314) 241-7057  North St Louis
 Blagbrough Galleries, Inc.  (314) 621-3202  Midtown/Grand
 Bruno David Art Gallery  (314) 531-3030  Midtown/Grand
 Campbell House Museum  (314) 421-0325  St Louis
 Charles Houska Art Gallery  (314) 534-7335  Midtown/Grand
Creative Art Gallery & Framing  (314) 645-4898  Southwest City
 Culver Gallery (314) 539-0305 STL Library
 Des Lee Gallery (314) 621-8735 Washington Ave
 Gallery of Contemporary Art (314) 644-9350 Forest Park CC
 Park Avenue Gallery (314) 421-0027 Park Avenue
 Pere Marquette Gallery  (314) 977-3399  
 Phantom Gallery  (314) 338-4220  Washington Avenue
 Philip Slein Gallery  (314) 621-4634  Washington Avenue
 Portfolio Gallery  (314) 533-3323  Delmar
 Randall Gallery  (314) 231-4808  North 13th Ave
 Sheldon Art Galleries  (314) 533-9900  Washington
 Soulard Art Market  (314) 258-4299  Soulard
 Vaughn Cultural Center  (314) 535-9227  Grand Center
 William Shearburn Gallery  314-367-8020  South Skinker
St Louis County Art Galleries    
 Art Trends Gallery  636-536-3266  Chesterfield
 Cecille R. Hunt Gallery at Webster University  (314) 968-7171  Webster Groves
 Florissant Valley Art Gallery  (314) 595-4375  Florissant
 Gallery 210 at University of Missouri-St. Louis  (314) 516-5952  UMSL
 Garret Gallery and Studios  (314) 381-3022  North County
 Grafica Contemporary Fine Art  (314) 961-4020  Webster Groves
 Horstman Studio and Sculpture Park  (314) 349-1712  Fenton
 JCCA Art Gallery  (314) 432-6780  West County
 Marianist Galleries and Sculpture Garden  (314) 965-0877  Kirkwood
 Marquess Gallery Fine Art Photography  (314) 997-7773  Frontenac
 May Gallery at Webster University  (314) 961-2660  Webster Groves
 Meramec Theatre Art Gallery at SLCC  (314) 984-7632  Meramec C.C.
 Messing Gallery at Mary Institute    (314) 993-5100  West County
 Missouri Artists on Main  636-724-1260  St. Charles


North Gallery  (314) 522-0512 Florissant
Ober Anderson Gallery 314-821-6241  Kirkwood
 Pompell Gallery (314) 963-7272 Webster Groves
 St Charles Art Galleries    
 Framations (636) 724-8313  St Charles
 Foundry Art Center 636-255-0270 St Charles
Native Traditions Gallery  314-947-0170  

Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts: The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts opened in 2001 after being designed by famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The building displays a variety of statuary, art and offerings including programs, lessons, and exhibitions from around the world. As a non-collecting art museum, the Pulitzer Foundation only has three permanent artworks on display, including Ellsworth Kelly’s “Blue Black” sculpture, Richard Serra’s “Joe” spiral, and Scott Burton’s “Rock Settee” sculpture, which are all placed outside of the building. Because the exhibitions and artwork constantly change, you can visit the museum frequently for a changed display.

Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum: The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum was founded in 1881 as the St. Louis School and Museum of Fine Art, with a collection that includes thousands of artworks from local and historical artists. Their collection of over 14,000 ancient coins is a must-see for collectors. The art museum primarily collects from popular artists of the time and then uses these items for display, making their collection a prominent display of the evolution of local and national art over the last nearly 150 years. With thousands of paintings, sculptures and prints dating back to the 17th century, they also have a strong foothold in European art as well. 
St. Louis Artists Guild Gallery: The St. Louis Artists Guild Gallery represents 125 years of local St. Louis art and artists with displays including modern and vintage artists. The gallery exists primarily to support the works of local popular artists as well as up and coming artists and frequently offers exhibitions for young artists, new artists and local pieces.
The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Gallery: The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Gallery hosts a regular concert hall but also a 7,000 square foot art gallery and museum in a separate building. With over 20 changing exhibits held throughout the year, you can see exhibits on St. Louis art and artists, local art collections, jazz history, children’s art and much more. Collections change frequently and usually exhibit local art or history, with photos, paintings, sculpture and music available.
The St. Louis University Museum of Art: The St. Louis University Museum of Art hosts exhibits of art and artists from around the world, with frequent exhibits from Picasso, Warhol and other modern artists. While exhibits change frequently, the art museum displays five to ten exhibits per year, allowing you to get a sampling of art culture and modern or current artists throughout the year. While they do not have an art selection, much of it includes current contemporary artists and some of the artwork is for saleWhile these offerings represent many of the larger art museums in St. Louis, you can also visit numerous smaller galleries, which often work as miniature art museums in their own right. Browsing through a St. Louis art fair in September also gives you a look at the cities still thriving art scene and artists.