Candice Griffy

My name is Candice Griffy and  Im a paralegal by day and an artist/musician by night.  I first began painting 10 years ago when I was a junior in high school.   I had discovered that my grandmother, who had recently passed away, had an art studio in a room in her basement that I forgot had even existed.  I was the lucky recipient of her 25+ year old supplies and a new world was opened up before my eyes.   From that moment on, art became a form of therapy for me, something to take pride in.    

Candice Griffey

My goal is to provide affordable custom oil and acrylic paintings.   I work side by side with my clients to take their visions along with mine and apply them to canvas and bring their ideal art for their home or office to reality.  You dont have to worry about receiving a piece of work that is not quite what you imagined.  I provide my clients with photos of the art as it progresses to make sure that everything is going the way planned and that no changes need to be made before it is too late.  

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