Cindy Royal

Cindy Royal’s life can be reflected in her wonderfully eclectic art. A self taught artist , she uses  memories and experience to inspire her work. Often a found treasure will end up in her collages, or in the body of one of her bizarre and quirky figurative creations.

Royal’s current works are a culmination of ground paper-mache, fibers, and vestiges of her entertainment career. Retired records and musical instruments are taken to a new realm. She says: “My favorite way to recycle paper is to grind it, hand form it, add cool  findings, incorporate some spare parts…and give it a name”

 Discarded pieces of everyday life are re-found, re-born and re-woven into new, and often unexpected projects. “The nature of the materials that I use and the drying process itself is often unpredictable.”  Royal has also always had a passion for paint.  Many applications of a variety of paints and unconventional surface treatments allow her to reveal the desired aspect and detail of her undoubtedly unique works.  She is on a life-long journey to find solace in creating wonderfully whimsical and lyrical art —recycled from the everyday, though riddled with deep meanings.
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