Gary Eaves

Gary Eaves has had a lifelong passion for photography.  This has driven him to continue learning, experimenting and striving to improve his photography techniques throughout his life.

Gary Eaves

Having a volume of work that spans forty plus years, Gary continues to shoot as time allows, enjoying the latest developments in the marriage of photography and technology.

Nature and landscape photography have always held his interest, but all types of photography are important to him.  His love of photography led him to Camera Clubs in St. Charles and St. Louis, where he won numerous awards and then on to opening his own studio in DeSoto, Missouri.

The demands of the studio finally caused Gary to give up photography for several years.  When he and his wife moved to Calgary, Alberta, the Canadian Rockies re-awakened the photographer in him and he started recording the surrounding area with gusto.

Since this re-awakening his work has increased and he strives, always, for that elusive “perfect shot”. Gary has been heavily involved in photography since moving back to Missouri.  He does miss the great photographic possibilities that Canada offered, but he had the luxury of traveling a great deal with his day job. That allowed him to see many parts of the country and get a little time behind the camera when traveling, and his understanding wife is always ready for a weekend photographic expedition.

Gary, currently, lives in DeSoto with his wife of thirty seven years, Brenda.   

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