Jane Linders

Jane Linders – Specializing in Photography, Polaroid Transfers

Jane Linders is an award-winning photographer whose prints are in numerous national and international collections. Linders has exhibited her work everywhere from her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. She is a tireless image maker, whose work can be seen in galleries, books, magazines and newspapers. Her favorite subjects are the eerie beauty of historical cemeteries as well as the oddities of roadside Americana. Jane makes her home in St. Louis, Missouri, but you might find her lurking around cemeteries anywhere in the world.My current passion is an alternative process called Polaroid Transfers. Each transfer is hand-made by the photographer using specific materials and equipment to achieve a desired effect. A transparency is projected on to professional Polaroid print film and as development begins, the print and chemicals are prematurely separated. The image is transferred on to dampened watercolor paper for a unique image which has a dated, artistic photo-painting appearance. Exposure, development, time, paper and other variables make each print an original mono-print.
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