John Salozzo

John Salozzo
I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. For over 20 years I was a successful commercial illustrator and photo-manipulator in Boston, Massachusetts. My work has been published in many national magazines and trade publications. I received a platinum album for a record album I did for the rock n roll band “Boston”, for MCA records. Through my relationships in Boston I was introduced to the Mac computer and very early Adobe software. We transformed into a digital art business. The writing was on the wall, artwork was going digital, which was cool, but for me doing both was exhausting. In the mid 90’s I sold my business to Boris Image Group and moved into the marketing arena. I’ve been a marketing director ever since.

I like to understand what I paint. My style is that of a realist, more than that of a hyper-realist. My goal is to paint an image that is elegant. I paint portraits, landscapes, city scapes and still-lifes. Nature is the most fun to paint and portraits are the most difficult, even though I love to do them.

 I admire many artists and different styles but tend to paint what I see. Art is not a competitive sport so there is lots of room for differing styles.

 My early painting influences were Caravaggio, Van Dyck , Wyeth, Sargent, Vermeer and Without knowing it I was attracted to a realist style. I have also always been a fan of photographers including Ansel Adams, Karsh, Lange and Uelsman.

 I’m always experimenting and I want to grow and improve as an artist. In my former career I was a commercial illustrator and was told what to paint and how it should look. It was a business and was a fair trade-off. Today I paint subjects that suit me.