St. Louis Artists

St. Louis ArtistsIt can be extremely difficult, almost futile, to categorize different types of art. Certainly no artist wants to labeled or type-cast as a one trick pony. However, we had to find a simple and efficient way for you to search St Louis artists so we did it anyway. For artists who specialize in paintings, glass, sculpture, photography, and other forms of art, there are certain genres that have captured the imagination of the public. For the aspiring artist looking to make a name for themselves in the field of artistic expression, it does pay to at least know what the popular genres are so that you can be prepared to move in that direction if you so desire.

St. Louis Artists 

St. Louis Artist  Styles of Work  St. Louis Artist  Styles of Work
Alex Ward  Paintings, Mixed Media  Amber Marshall  Glass
Andrew Brandmeyer  Painting  Armando Heredia  Painting

Brook Hovey-Graves

 Drawing, Crafts

Arts & Crafts, Antiques

 Brian Hurt

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 Drawing, Sketches

Candice Griffey  Painting Carolyn Hasenfratz   Arts & Crafts
Cindy Royal  Paper, Painting  Clayton Prewitt  Painting, Drawing
C Sharp  Musician  Daniel Fishback  Painting
 Denis Disandovich Photography
Dimitrina Stamboldjiev  Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media  Don Massey Painting
Edmund Finney  Comics  Evan Honerkamp  Painting, Illustration, Screenprint
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 Genevieve Esson  Painting, Mixed Media  Hedwig Vinson  Comic Artist
 Holly Essner  Painting, Pop Art  Support Local Art
 Jane Linders  Photography, Polaroid Transfers  Janice Schoultz Mudd  Mixed Media and Collage
 Jay Babcock  Painting, Graphic Design
 Jennifer Richter  Photography  John Salozzo  Elegant Realism, Painting
 JP Agnew  Photography  Julia Bergman  Crafts, Interior Design
 Julie Hammond  Children’s Illustrations  Kevin H  Drawing Cartoons
 Lauren Gornik  Illustration, Painting  Lemya Sidki  Jewelry
 Lynn Terry  Photography  Mario Lozina  Mixed Media
 Marijo Bianco  Digital Art – Graphic Design  Marvin Cox  Airbrush Art
 Megan Maher  Graphic Design, Photography  Michael Moss  Painting
 Mickie Mueller  Books & Illustrations  Omar O’Hara  Photography
 Nate McClain  Painting & Illustration  Art School?
 Pattie Tierney  Photography  Peter von zur Muehlen  Painting, Collages
 Rebecca Bodicky  Photography, Painting  Shawn Ballard  Painting, Animation
 Steve Truesdell  Photography  Rudolph Torrini  Sculpture, Drawing, Carving
 Theresa Moher  Painting, Illustration

Artists in St. Louis

Successful artists in all different fields manage to combine their talent with art that relates to the public. This is true in other fields of expression such as television shows and movies that are highly successful with the public center on themes that relate to the everyday person. So too do certain artists tend to be more successful when their works revolve around themes that relate to the general public. STLART.COM provides St Louis art lovers with a directory of local STL Artists. For more information about these dangerous, free thinkers, click on the artists name.